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They truly are everywhere. No I don't mean aliens or anything menacing. I'm talking about kayaks. They're everywhere because, in my opinion, people can no longer afford to buy boats or go on lavish vacations. We just return from a very short vacation/work trip (always working) and spent more money than we intended. Kayaks are an affordable option to super expensive boats. Most people are like me, we work all the time and rarely have time to fish anymore. It makes a lot more sense to buy a good quality kayak for the rare times you have a day or afternoon off. Let's say you buy a boat. It sits in the yard or worse a boat storage facility for months or years before you have the time to use it. Then you have to tune it up, change the plugs, new gas, new filter, work on the trailer, fix the lights, find that drain plug you laid down months earlier, and on and on, just to go our for a day. Now let's look at buying a kayak. You buy it fish out of it once or twice and then store it away. Six months later you have a day off and hear the fish are biting. Drag out the ole kayak, dust it off and go fishing. No work to prepare for the trip, no boat ramp launce fees, no ramp even needed. No gas, no hassles. All for less than a couple months boat note and insurance. Sounds better to me. Forget the relaxation of it all, the exercise, the peacefulness, the quiet time, just remember you could be spending a few days or more, preparing your boat to make the same trip. Not to mention the people meet when you start kayak fishing. Kayak fishermen (and fisherwomen) are a different breed of people. These are some of the nicest people you will ever encounter on the water. This is a big part of what put me in the kayak business to begin with. So when you look around and notice the huge growth of kayak fishing remember it's simple, inexpensive and enjoyable. You should try it too. In short you need to sell that overpriced boat that you work on all the time, buy a kayak and see what all the fuss is about.

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