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Stop buying kayaks ! Never thought I would say that being in the kayak business. Probably seems crazy for me to say. I need to explain a little bit of this statement. First I really don't want you to stop buying kayaks. Everyone should own one (two or more would be better). What I mean by my statement is you should be careful buying a kayak as a beginner. I see so many new kayakers trying to get started making the same mistake I nearly made. In the beginning I wanted to give it a try. I, like a lot of people, didn't want to spend a ton of money just to see if I liked kayak fishing. I started with a cheap used kayak. After my first trip I had decided I liked the concept, just not the kayak. I was fortunate enough not to give up. Most people I see going this route fall into this same trap. They buy a cheap kayak to test the waters, only to find that they hate the experience and never want to try it again. That's a shame. I hate seeing people give up before giving it an honest chance to reveal just how much fun it is. People need to stop buying the cheapest kayak available and spend just a few dollars more on a rotomolded kayak with good stability and comfort. This will be money well spent and will end up saving you money in the long run. The basic idea of starting Hammerhead kayaks was to help people avoid this disaster. After all a good mid range kayak is $1000. I feel like this is still a lot of money to most people, myself included. I hate to see people waste good money on kayaks from big box stores and end up being unhappy with their purchase. All I'm saying is do some research, ask a friend, attend a demo day, call me (LOL). Give kayak fishing a honest try before throwing money away on a cheapo kayak.

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